Alec Smith


As a kid Alec always enjoyed listening to Chris Cornell in Soundgarden and Dio. Over time he honed his skills up to try and match them by practicing and practicing to get his tone right. He feels like he has actually improved a lot just by joining Cönaxx and rocking out harder than he has before each time!


Anthony Manzanares


Born and raised in Boulder County, Colorado he’s a wild child who found solace in the sweet tones of the six-string and hasn’t put it down since he first picked up it when he was twelve. A hometown kid who’s generations before him date back to the early days of Colorado — Anthony is influenced by many different aspects of life that have surrounded him, and the many differnt aspects of music that this world is full of. He is always on the hunt to dial-in something hard and heavy, with a lot of soul that will speak to people through his guitar.

Kenny Karsten


Originally from Annapolis, Maryland, he’s just a god-dammed funky hippy that found himself in a metal band.

Dylan Montoya


Dylan Montoya is a Colorado kid, born in Aurora and raised in the greater Boulder area. Dylan’s love for music (particularly rock ‘n’ roll) was evident from an early age. At age 4, he used to imitate Jimi Hendrix burning his guitar with a broomstick. Though Dylan primarily plays guitar, he was ecstatic to answer the call to be the next drummer for the almighty Cönaxx.